Why can't I buy more than 2.5m² of Kraftile Mosaic?

(Well you can, but here's why we don't recommend it!)

Kraftile Mosaic is the world's 1st peel & stick mosaic product, unlimited in terms of possibility. Kraftile Mosaic is recommended only for smaller surfaces less than 2.5 square metres such as a kitchen splashback, furniture or decorative (non-working) fireplaces, allowing you the flexibility to scale the design to the area you need to cover or tile a custom border.

However, Kraftile Mosaic is not recommended for areas larger than 2.5 square metres because it is not efficient to have a repeating pattern hand tiled over larger areas, it's easier to use a pre-printed design (like the designs in our Print Collections) if you have larger areas to cover. 

When we've tiled 2 square metres of mosaic at a go it has taken us most of an afternoon, so unless you're someone with superhuman patience we don't recommend attempting larger areas with Kraftile mosaic :)

Drop us an email at hello@kraftile.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions!