Removal guide

Kraftile is most readily removed with the application of heat. Heat the vinyl with a hairdryer from about 20cm away for a minute to soften the adhesive. Lift from one corner and peel it back from the surface at a 120-150° angle.

Kraftile is manufactured with world-class removable adhesives that are designed for clean, easy removal. The removability of the vinyl will vary depending on the surface and how it was prepared.

Some adhesive can remain on the surface, particularly if the vinyl has been in place for a number of years. The adhesive can be removed with a cloth dampened with white spirit or lighter fluid. As white spirit or lighter fluid is a solvent, it will also remove areas that have been painted or printed with solvent based inks or paints. Be careful to test the white spirit or lighter fluid on an inconspicuous area first.

Kraftile is a DIY product and due to the wide variety of surface types and finishes, Kraftile or any other peel & stick vinyl manufacturers cannot guarantee damage-free removal to interior surfaces. Removing Kraftile can cause damage. The amount of damage can be reduced or eliminated by purchasing a sample to test the area beforehand and by following the inspection, cleaning and preparation guidelines provided by Kraftile.