Pros and Cons of Kraftile

Like all other materials, Kraftile peel & stick vinyl is not a one-size-fits-all DIY solution. Here are some benefits and drawbacks to weigh up if Kraftile is right for you:  

 Pros Cons
Warmer underfoot than many other materials (including ceramic and stone) when used for flooring Not suitable for use on some subfloor surfaces
Thin and therefore easy to cut and apply but still durable, and suitable for pets Can be damaged by heavy and sharp furniture feet and appliances being dragged across it
Much easier to clean than grouted ceramic or stone tiled floors, as grout gets mouldy over time. Kraftile is low maintenance - see our cleaning guide Will show any unevenness in the floor, the floor needs to be level and free of gaps
Easy to remove - see our removal guide So easy to remove, a child could possibly peel it up if they find a corner! 
Once laid, the design is not changeable and the peel & stick vinyl is not reusable
The 3 layer, sheeted format Kraftile comes in means it is fully customisable, including the ability to create a custom borders Takes slightly longer to install than other one layer peel and stick vinyl that comes on a single roll
Made in the UK, fewer air miles compared to products manufactured abroad Domestic production makes Kraftile more expensive than other peel & stick vinyl manufactured elsewhere