Our Story

Hi there! We're Anthony and Christine, the cofounders of Kraftile, a British brand that combines our love of mosaic tile and crafting beautiful things with our hands, in a solution that is the world's 1st fully customisable peel & stick vinyl.

Having moved around the UK for university and work, we are prolific renters, and in the past 10 years have lived in 6 different homes in 4 different cities. The idea for Kraftile began in 2016 when we were living in Eton, Berkshire and were searching for a way to cover up an old and ugly laminate kitchen floor in a rented house without damaging it. We decided on some foam backed adhesive floor tiles from a big DIY store. The foam was difficult to cut to shape which made for a painful installation, but that paled in comparison to the removal process a year later, when we decided to pull it up because we had enough of how the pieces kept sliding and creating gaps. There was a lot of adhesive left behind on the floor, and d
on't tell our landlord, but we ended up having to scrub the floor for hours on our hands and knees with white spirit soaked rags to remove it. Fortunately the floor was ok afterwards, but our trousers were completely ruined by the adhesive and had to be thrown away. Read about someone else's similar experience of foam backed adhesive tiles here

After that painful experience, we decided to DIY our own flooring solution that would be easy to lay down and remove. As well as being makers and DIYers, we had previously owned a large format digital printer, so we understood what the technology could do. Our improved peel and stick flooring would have to be thin and easy to cut to shape (definitely no foam!) while being durable, would remove without leaving adhesive residue behind, it would be made in the UK, and most of all - it had to be customisable and something anyone could DIY, no builders required.

Custom tiled mosaic floors have always been at the top of our wishlist for our dream home, and as we worked on developing the flooring, one day we had a sudden revelation that we didn't need to keep on dreaming - we could design in flexibility so that custom mosaics would be a reality right now for anyone, anywhere.  

Our objective has always been to share the joy of making things, and to make beautiful DIY accessible, fun and easy. Kraftile isn't just suitable for floors, our friends and customers have used it on almost any internal interior surface you can imagine. And unlike most DIY projects, which are satisfying to complete but a pain in the you-know-where to reverse, removing a Kraftile peel & stick floor is the easiest part. Grab a corner and pull to remove in seconds. Any leftover adhesive can be removed with friction applied by a a damp cloth. 

Kraftile's motto is "I was created to create", and so are you. There are few things we love more than seeing the incredible ways you put Kraftile to use, so please share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging us @kraftile!