Do I need a laminate layer?

The laminate layer is the 3rd and top layer of Kraftile and has several functions:

  • It has anti-slip properties, which makes Kraftile safe to step on;
  • It protects the design from scuffs, peeling and damage;
  • It gives the design a matt, natural, textured look. 

If Kraftile is applied on any area where there will be any human or pet contact, for example floors, on furniture, or on tabletops, or in an area which will receive any friction at all, the laminate layer is essential.  The only instance in which the laminate layer is optional is when Kraftile is applied on surfaces which are rarely touched except to clean, for example kitchen splashbacks, or walls in homes where there are no children.

The laminate layer comes in 2 anti-slip ratings, R9 and R11. R9 is suitable for dry areas only, for example a living room floor, table tops and furniture, and R11 is suitable for areas which are occasionally wet, for example bathroom floors (but not shower trays), toilet floors, kitchen floors, and hallways. 

Always mop up any spills immediately to prevent any falls. 

With or without the laminate layer, Kraftile is not suitable for the walls of shower stalls, shower trays/floors, balconies or any other areas where water is left standing.