Borough High Street

Borough High Street

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Borough High Street is a complete DIY set with all the parts you need to lay this design, including a border around the perimeter, sold per half square metre. 

This set consists of: 

1. Peel & stick base sheets in white hexagon with light grey grout, and for the border, white square with light grey grout. Each hexagon base sheet measures 306mm x 215mm and each square base sheet measures 305mm x 222mm.

2. Peel & stick individual hexagon tiles in aquamarine, turquoise and poseidon and individual square tiles in turquoise and black. Each individual hexagon tile measures 26mm x 30mm and each square tile measures 25mm x 25mm;

3. Clear anti-slip laminate sheet layer that you peel & stick over step (1) and step (2) to protect the design; and

4. Borough High Street assembly instruction sheet.


Please note, all our designs are printed to order and are only refundable or exchangeable within 14 days if the protective envelope packaging has not been opened. This is because once the peel & stick vinyl sheets are taken out of the protective packaging, the adhesive starts to degrade as the edges naturally pick up dust. 

We strongly advise ordering a sample prior to placing a full order. All our samples are priced below what it actually costs for us to produce them so that you can find out if a Kraftile peel & stick floor is suitable for your needs. As such, they are limited to 1 per customer, per design. 

Where can you use Kraftile peel & stick vinyl? Answers here

In all circumstances, Kraftile is not suitable for curved, uneven or textured surfaces - the surface should be flat. Kraftile is not to be applied on any surface where water is left standing, or on damp or mouldy surfaces, or on any type of floor with underfloor heating.