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Where can I use Kraftile peel & stick vinyl?

How do I measure my floor or surface to determine how much Kraftile I need to purchase?

Why is Kraftile sold in 3 layers, why not just 1 layer with the design already pre-printed?

How is Kraftile vinyl different from all the other types of peel & stick vinyl available?

Is Kraftile guaranteed to last for a certain period of time?

What is Kraftile peel & stick made of?

Will Kraftile peel & stick vinyl damage my surface/floor? Is it really removable without trace?

Can I change the design?

Is Kraftile reusable?

What is your return and exchange policy?

Can I cancel my order?

I messed up my measurements or didn't order enough. What happens if I can't complete the design because I need more base sheets or individual tiles?

How do I care for my Kraftile peel & stick vinyl?

Where are Kraftile products made?

How thick is Kraftile peel & stick vinyl?

What type of printing process is used to produce Kraftile?

Is Kraftile suitable in a home with dogs, cats or other pets?

How long does Kraftile take to install?

Is Kraftile suitable in commercial settings?

Can I try your products before I buy?

Do you have any discounts?

Do you have wholesale prices?

Do you do custom orders?